The starting line.

Hey Team! Joe here and i’m making a game.

Nope, i’m not a game developer. Nor am I a software programmer, computer scientist or IT professional in any way. I am also not an artist of any type. I am an Audio Engineer.  I have a bachelors degree in Audio Production and have been working as an audio technician for the past five or so years. I have worked on multiple albums (Some good, some not so good), multiple short films that have reached various successes and a bunch of live shows. So why do I want to make a game?

I love being in the audio industry, but I think what I love the most, is the technology. I love all technology and when I finish my metaphorical nine till five each day, I spend the remaining 16 hours either learning about, thinking about, dreaming about and using all forms of technology. From the latest TV and computer release’s, to the furniture that we put them on, or even the the latest breakthroughs in how technology is saving lives and helping create healthy futures for the world we live in. And when I need to unwind instead of watching mindless television shows, I consume my entertainment through games.

My first app, created for audio students to develop critical listening skills.

In my spare time I started teaching myself to code. I used what I learnt to create an application for training audio students to critically listen and hear changes in sounds, I adapted that software from a desktop app to a mobile app, and I then took everything I learnt and started focusing on how to make games.

From there I worked with an audio and an art student and created a prototype game called Boot Loot Bandit. Boot Loot Bandit was a side scrolling platformer created part time, in a little less than a year. It was created to be used as a third year final project for an art student and an Audio production student and served its purpose well with lots of lessons learnt.



Which brings us to 2017. For the first half of this year I have been teaching a bunch of music and audio teach papers. This includes a game audio paper in which I created a new (small) game for, so that my students can create and implement audio into. Creating this game reminded me again that I really, really like coding for games. Developing games is like a giant puzzle where you know where your starting from and you think you know where you want to end up, but you have to create the puzzle piece’s yourself before you can stick them all together in the correct order. Except then sometimes when you create a new piece it makes all the pieces you made before it no longer fit the puzzle!?…Why do it like game dev again?…I digress.

A week ago the courses I was teaching on ended, leaving me with a bunch more spare time (No more class preparation, is the greatest feeling in the world). And I have decided that I am going to use this spare time to create my first “real” game. The purpose of this blog is to create a little bit of accountability, an outlet if you will for me to look back over the week or so between each post and give an honest recap of the progress made towards the final goal (what ever that may be). And hopefully it will give anyone reading some sort of entertainment? education? or even motivation towards starting your own venture in what ever industry you are passionate about.

In the next post I will give some insight into the end goal, the milestones along the way and any current progress that may (or may not have been made).  Until then, if you read this far thanks a lot!


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