Distracted Already – Weekly Update #1

Hey team, it’s time for a quick update.

This week seems to have been full of distractions, some good and some bad. I know in the previous post, I said the first couple of tasks that were to be done, was to be the ships layout and a couple of characters. But while building out the Power Generator room for the ship I got a weeeeee bit distracted and ended up developing the whole resource management system for the ships power. I know its not good to veer away from the plan already in the first week, but once I started working on it felt like I couldn’t stop until it was complete.

The way the system for power management through-out the ship works, is by having a set amount of power available to send to various other functions in the ship, such as oxygen, medical centre or shields.  As you bring the other functions online, the generator has to work harder and as you start to push the generator to its limits the pressure starts to become unbalanced. If you run your ship fairly conservatively you shouldn’t have too many problems but if you rush to power up all areas of the ship too quickly, you will have to continuously return to the power generator to rebalance the pressure valves. At least that is how its currently working.  I am sure as the project moves along this will be tweaked and changed as problems arise.

As well as the power system I have made the scientist character controllable. In the game he wont be controllable but its needed for testing all the added systems.  I have added a system for climbing the ladders and added door ways with both locked and unlocked states, and I have also added stairs between the hallways.


Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 6.17.24 PM
This is currently what the game looks like. I know it’s not a huge change from the last post but behind the scenes there is a lot more happening.


By the next post I will add in the control room above the power generator rooms. As you can probably see in the picture above, the way the environment is designed, if you can see to much of an area it can be very confusing so I am going to add in a mechanic that covers any part of a room that the player is not currently in.

That’s it for this weeks update, thanks a lot for reading and I really appreciate the feedback i have been getting so far on the blog posts. Any advice I have been getting I have been taking very seriously and implementing where ever possible.

Just as a way of adding in a little more content to the blog I thought I would finish up each post by talking about any interesting or entertaining things I have run into during researching.  This week I am going to link to the Extra Credit YouTube channel. These guys are amazing. They easily have some of the best content on YouTube about pretty much any area of game design. It’s created by a game developer call James Portnow, who has worked on two of the biggest games series ever made, Call of Duty and errrr….. FarmVille. Whenever I am looking for something to watch I just randomly pick from one of their 600 plus videos and am never disappointed.

Until next time check them out at the link below.




  1. Damn just the motivation to get back into making my game. Also extra credit seems decent, thanks for pointing it out, watched some of their getting started with game dev stuff and they say a lot about making the smallest game possible, that’s exactly what I did with my first ‘game’ colour catch (on android). Literally the most basic game I could create because I wanted to learn how to make apps. Still took years for me to get it right 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea they have a great philosophy of making the core parts of your game as fun and playable as possible before adding all the fancy frilly bits. Is your colour catch game still on the market place?


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