Light ’em up: Weekly Update #2

When starting out this project the scope was set well within the limits of my current skillset.  Although, I did know that at some stage I would have to put a bit of time towards learning a better system for lighting my environments.   Being mostly experienced with 2D sprite games, lighting is something I have no had to worry about to much. But now doing a space game with futuristic technology and a little bit of mystery horror type elements (maybe), lighting was going to be quite important for setting a good tone throughout my environments.

Serendipitously, this week while lurking around in some reddit threads I ran into a link to a Unity package called Light2D: GPU Lighting System. Light2D is a 2D lighting system that can be set up pretty easily and manipulated with the use of 2D sprites. After a small learning curve I got the system up and running in an experimental version of my game.

I have made a wee video showing the first idea i had for how exploration and room lighting was going to work around the games ship, and a comparison with what it looks like now with the use of Light2D.  I am not 100% sold on this solution but i thinks its pretty close.  Check out the video below and let me know what you think. Please excuses the lack of character animations and other bugs that i am yet to fix.

There has been a little more than a week between this post and my last effort, simply due to me being flat out with work.  We have six new game dev students that I will be teaching game audio and a bit of coding to. This week they gave us their pitches for the games that they want to create this year and I spent a lot of time creating some prototypes to help teach them.

I have added a few Gif’s (not jif’s) of the extra work I have been doing for the game dev classes below.
World of Warcraft style Third Person controller setup. All art assets are from

There are some really cool ideas coming out the students this year and I am looking forward to helping them see it through and have something playable by the end of the year. (1)
A wee co-operative 2D Platformer where the player control’s two characters individually as they help each other through the levels.

Most of the students are trying to do very artistic 2D Platformer’s and point and click adventures games. With the addition of a first person tower defence type game. (2)
A First Person tower defence game prototype.


Just a quick post this week sorry if its a little boring but i am completely exhausted. Only a few days left until the first couple of tasks were due, but i am probably going to take a break tonight and watch a movie to refresh myself. Thanks a lot for reading!

Oh also this week i found a great tutorial series for creating a game in Unity 3D that i used to refresh my knowledge of First Person shooting games and AI navigation.  The channel is called Gamer to Game Developer and can be found in the link below



  1. That lighting is all right, I think it needs a bit of tweaking before it really fits in. Could be cool to have the characters shadow on the wall. Have you player thomas was alone? It was a great game and that coop platformer looks very much like it


    • Thanks for the feedback. Yea it definately needs tweaking, I haven’t even thought about character shadows yet but is a good idea. Thomas was alone is great definately influenced the prototype. The student is making a game with young brother and a sister characters. That prototype was just a test for some control scripts really.


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